oktober 28, 2020

First in a four part series. SPEED.

Software development in the world of Ecommerce requires speed. The immediate relationship with the buying public means those who don’t keep up lose out. The balancing act between the demands of the market and the demands of good, durable software development can be very difficult to resolve.

Too often, companies choose between either:

  • doing the right thing (delivering now), or;
  • doing the thing right (delivering quality, but late).

Option one will work as a temporary measure. But the cost of prioritizing speed over quality issues will grow over time, up until the point where you have to rebuild your system. Continue reading

Article printed in IT ID Magazine, Lviv, Ukraine on April 28th, 2020

Halyna Shporlyuk, General Manager at Conscensia shares her vision of why being culturally educated is important as well as explains what it actually means. Halyna is Certified CQ Trainer by Living Institute, Denmark. She has 16 years of experience (7 of which are leadership roles) with and within multinational, intercultural diverse teams and customers.

The term “emotional intelligence” has already become a buzzword. I think, Cultural Intelligence or CQ is the next skill to be adopted by Ukrainian businesses, in particular, the tech one. We deal with international clients on a daily basis and to do it well we should understand what lies beyond their words or emails. And does anything lie there at all? Continue reading

ResponsibleWhilst being a possible solution to a major headache, going outside your geographic and cultural barriers doesn’t come risk free. Looked at from outside, there are numerous examples of this working well and many of the opposite. Competition amongst suppliers is high and this forces the industry to evolve better and more relevant delivery models.

We at Conscensia have spent 11 years developing a comprehensive solution. We provide the upside of access to an external talent pool with the security of knowing how to navigate new waters without significant risk. Continue reading